Can You Freeze Yogurt for Smoothies?

Everyone loves a good smoothie and they can be a great snack in the morning, midday, or in the evenings. But many people may wonder, can you freeze yogurt for smoothies?

It’s a valid question, since yogurt includes bacteria and longevity can be an issue. The short answer is "yes," you can freeze yogurt and make amazing smoothies that you can prepare quite quickly.

Below are a few tips that will set you on your way to tasting amazing smoothies made with all of your favorite ingredients.

can you freeze yogurt for smoothies

Freezing yogurt

So you want to freeze yogurt and create the perfect smoothies at home whenever you want? Well, before you get started, there are a few things that you should know.

First of all, when you freeze yogurt and then let it thaw, it typically separates and becomes watery and grainy.

As you already know, yogurt is comprised of live bacteria and this results in that slightly acidic, tart taste; however, when you freeze yogurt, you can enhance the flavor.

Once you freeze it (particularly Greek yogurt, which is packed with nutrients and is easy to blend with a variety of fruits), the yogurt's life is extended between by up to 6 months. 

How to freeze yogurt 

Fret not if you are worried about the process, because it is quite simple to  freeze yogurt. If you've never thought about it, these instructions will prove especially useful for future smoothie making.

First you need to procure all the supplies. Of course, you’re going to need a freezer to store the yogurt, plus the following items: ice cube trays, cookie sheets, parchment paper, coconut oil (or a neutral oil like grapeseed oil), and a cookie scoop or narrow spoon. 

If you are going the parchment paper route, the first step is to line the cookie sheet, using the cookie scoop to place portions of yogurt onto the parchment paper. You should ideally leave about between half an inch to an inch between scoops.

Then place the scoops in the freezer for a few hours, or ideally overnight. Once the scoops are sufficiently frozen, remove the yogurt balls from the parchment and place in a storage container. These frozen yogurt balls can be stored for as long as 3 months. 

Start blending

This is where you can really get creative.

Select your favorite fruits and vegetables and any additional ingredients you want to include—chia seeds, wheat germ, flax seed, etc.—and pop them in your blender. Then add the frozen yogurt and blend away. Your delicious, creamy smoothie awaits.

Alternatively, you can blend your ingredients and frozen yogurt together and then store your smoothie in mason jars. It's important to remember to leave a bit of room as your smoothie will expand as it freezes.

Enjoy your smoothie 

If you want to enjoy a frozen yogurt smoothie in the morning for breakfast, simply place the frozen portions you want to eat the next morning in the refrigerator and let them slowly thaw so that they will be perfect when you get up in the morning.

Smoothies made with frozen yogurt are a great healthy option, especially if you're on a special diet or you need a quick and convenient way to get your daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. 

Final thoughts 

For a great consistent taste and a creamy texture, add frozen yogurt balls to your smoothie. Make sure you can stir the ingredients around to maintain the texture and enhance the flavor. 

Frozen Greek yogurt has a ton of health benefits, from protein to probiotics, and it will make your smoothie creamy and cold, just how you like it.

Keep experimenting with frozen yogurt and different ingredients and soon you'll have loads of delicious homemade recipes of your own.

Olivia Watts

Set designer assistant Olivia was a meat-and-potatoes girl until one of her hipster co-workers on the latest superhero film handed her a lunch that came in a cup with a fat straw. With one life-changing sip of that fruit smoothie, Olivia tossed away her hammer, started up her own business, and now manages six smoothie franchises.