Best Juicer for Wheatgrass – Manual or Masticating?

Best juicer for wheatgrass

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Drinking wheatgrass juice is one of the healthiest habits imaginable, but we all know what it’s like to grudginly fork over $5 for a shot at your local health food store.

Wheatgrass is expensive, and if you’re someone that drinks a lot of it, then you’re probably asking yourself what the best wheatgrass juicer is for home use.

In this ultimate buyer’s guide, we’re going to break down the best wheatgrass juicer options for you, while highlighting the top-rated wheatgrass juicers on the market.

Once you see which models are the easiest to use and clean, then you’re going to be well on your way to making delicious juice at home.

Which juicer is right for you?

There are a whole lot of machines to choose from, so it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

Rest assured we're going to explore what features you want to look out for, and we’re also going to discuss why wheatgrass is so healthy for you. Once you learn all the facts, you'll be well on your way to making an informed decision.

Manual or electric?​

The first decision that you’re going to have to make is whether you want an electric or a manual juice press for your wheatgrass. There are advantages to both, of course.

There’s something great about using a manual juicer, because you don’t have to deal with all the noise and you actually get a workout while using the machine. There’s something undeniably green and eco-friendly about drinking juice, and using a manual extracting machine is a way of juicing that is aligned with what juicing stands for. It seems like the healthiest way, not to mention the purest.

Best juicer for wheatgrass

You can also have the practical advantage of placing the unit just about anywhere in your home without having to use a nearby power socket. The downside, of course, is that if you want to juice other vegetables, a manual machine might not be able to do it. They're not designed to pulverize harder fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, it's worth noting that heat is the death of wheatgrass juice, and electric machines might add more heat than you want. They cause a foam layer to form on top of the liquid, and this is particularly bad for wheatgrass juice.

With manual machines, you have the benefit of increased shelf-life. That being said, you don’t want to make large batches of wheatgrass juice to be stored. You really only want to make the amount that you’re actually going to drink, because it doesn’t keep well and the nutrients won’t hold up.

​What is a masticating juicer?

This term is used a lot in product descriptions, so you want to understand what these machines are about.

Mastication is essential when you’re making wheatgrass juice and it’s the process by which the grass is crushed and ground so that the juices come out, separated from the pulp, and then squeezed. The grinding and crushing are accomplished using a single gear auger, and this leads to more residual fiber, enzymes, and vitamins in the liquid. The liquid is extracted from the pulp in a separate squeezing area.

When you’re an experienced wheatgrass juicer, you’re able to create very dry pulp, meaning that all the healthy juice has been extracted and isn’t stuck in the hopper.

Mastication is the only way you can juice wheatgrass, and it’s also a quieter process compared with a high-force centrifugal juicer. This is because the auger turns at a much slower RPM. In fact, you’re going to see that with a manual machine there’s very little noise at all.

You get what you pay for​

As is the case with any appliance, you get what you pay for. This is also true for wheatgrass juicers.

There are quite a few moving parts involved in a juicer, and these pieces of metal and plastic endure a great deal of force. If the juicer is not precision engineered to the smallest tolerances, then breaking and leaks are going to happen. Leaking is your worst enemy and can totally ruin a machine and the whole juicing experience. That’s why it’s important to be informed before you make a purchase, to ensure that you get a machine that will not leak and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Are you only juicing wheatgrass?​

best juicer for wheatgrass

Image: Zhou Jia

If you’re only juicing wheatgrass, then your decision is going to be easy. However, if you want to juice other kinds of fruits and vegetables as well, you need to take that into consideration as well. 

When you're using a masticating wheatgrass juicer to juice fruits and vegetables, there’s a chance you’re going to lose valuable nutrients stored in the skins.

If it’s really fruit that you want to juice, then go with something like a Nutri-bullet to help you to retain all those nutrients.

Where can I buy a wheatgrass juicer?​

There are tons of places online where you can buy wheatgrass juicers, but you can also find them in local stores. Purchasing online has a great advantage in that it allows you to read customer reviews before you buy, and this is essential when it comes to finding a juicer that really does what it says.

When you go onto a site like Amazon, you can see which juicers received 4 or 5 stars, and these are the ones that you know are really going to perform. It’s a smart decision to purchase one of those models online, because you’re also more likely to get a better deal. That being said, if you want to see the juicer in person before you buy, then go to your local health food or kitchen supply store to see what they have available.

The benefits of wheatgrass juice

You can find organic wheatgrass at most juice bars, and there’s a good reason for having a glass: there are countless benefits.

Not only does it stimulate the thyroid, boost your metabolism, and alkalize your system, but it's also a nutritional powerhouse that's full of vitamins like A, B, C, E, and K. What's more, you get a nice shot of iron and minerals, such as zinc, copper, potassium, magnesium, and selenium. And that’s just for starters.

Lets talk about your blood. Wheatgrass is a great whole-body cleanser because it likes to bind to heavy metals and toxins that may be lurking in your blood and helps to excrete them.

best juicer for wheatgrass

Image (modified): Ippei Suzuki

Also, we're all a little too acidic. Wheatgrass gently alkalizes the body and purifies the blood, while the high chlorophyll content is a great internal deodorant.

Wheatgrass is also rich in antioxidants, and this helps to protect your liver and stimulate your immune system. It has has even shown promise for those struggling with leukemia. Some studies suggest that it helps with ulcerative colitis.

​Choosing and using wheatgrass

It’s possible to find wheatgrass shots at most health food stores and juice shops, and it’s great to add to smoothies if you don’t like the taste of drinking it straight up.

But when you’re a home juicer, you can grow your own beautiful wheatgrass in a sprouting tray. Just note that it's less bitter when you keep it out of direct sunlight.

Like any green, wheatgrass is best when fresh, and usually about a week after germination. That means that the leaves are going to still be tender and flexible. When the grass starts to grow vertically to support a seed head, then you know that you’re too late.

When you can’t find fresh wheatgrass, it’s possible to go with freeze-dried wheatgrass in capsules or powder form, but it kind of defeats the purpose.

Wheatgrass has—as the name suggests—a strong, grassy taste. So if you don’t like it, then go ahead and mix it in with smoothie to cut the flavor. You’re still going to be getting the nutrients, as well as the added nutrition from the other ingredients in your drink.

The ultimate buyer's guide to wheatgrass juicers

As we mentioned, we've gone ahead and done all the research for you, so if you're looking for the best juicer for wheatgrass—be it manual or masticating—you're going to want one of the 9 machines below. 

First check out our table for an overview.

Quick comparison: Best juicer for wheatgrass​


Features we love


Buy it now

The Original Healthy
Juicer - Lexen GP27

-Built for multi-purpose juicy
-Reputable brand that's been around for 10+ years
-Easy to use
-Easy to clean

Miracle Exclusives Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

-No electricity required
-1-year warranty
-Stainless steel design
-Efficient for leafy greens

Handy Pantry Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

-Easy to operate and clean
-Mounts to countertop
-Stainless steel design
-Assembly and disassembly is simple

Chef's Star Manual Hand Crank Single Auger Juicer

-Easily separates juice from pulp
-Easily portable
-Works quietly
-Yields large quantities of juice for its size

Handy Pantry Tornado Wheatgrass Juicer

-Durable and made of quality materials
-Easy disassembly and cleaning
-Decent price
-No electricity needed

Omega Nutrition
Center Juicer

-Comes in a variety of colors
-Powerful motor
-Comes with a plunger for easy use
-Simple assembly

Breville Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

-Works quickly
-Dishwasher safe parts
-Decent capacity
-Great for seasoned or beginner juicers 

Breville Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt
Juice Extractor

-Dishwasher safe and custom cleaning brush included
-1-year limited warranty
-Compact size makes it easy to store
-Powerful motor

Omega Nutrition Center Commercial
Masticating Juicer

-Built to ensure no clogging or foaming
-Easy to assemble and clean
-Operates quietly
-Comes with attachments for multi-use

Let's take a good look at these machines then, shall we?

Manual juicers for wheatgrass​

​Sometimes it's good to do things the old fashioned way. Before there were fancy electric wheatgrass juicers, there were manual juicers. You may assume that they’re more difficult to use, but that’s simply not the case. These manual juicers are quite easy to use and clean, and they’re going to cost you much less than the fancier juicers. Lets take a look at our top picks.

​The Original Healthy Juicer - Lexen GP27

This wheatgrass juicer is more affordable than electronic alternatives. It makes for happy juicing, without question. It’s simple to use, and if you’re not happy, there’s a money-back guarantee.

For over 10 years this juicer has been incredibly popular, and there’s good reason for that. It allows for multi-purpose juicing, and that means that not only can you juice wheatgrass, but you can also juice kale, spinach, collard greens, chard, parsley, and lettuce. If it’s leafy, then this juicer can juice it.

What makes this juicer so awesome is that it was designed by people who juice. That means that it’s not going to break on you like other juicers can. It’s also designed for easy cleaning and general ease of use.

​Miracle Exclusives Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

This manual juicer from Miracle Exclusives is made from the highest quality stainless steel, and it’s non-toxic with a matte finish.

You can easily and effortlessly juice wheatgrass, leafy greens, and soft fruit with this device, and it includes a pusher, wrench, stainless steel auger, and stainless steel screen. This is the ideal juicer for both commercial and household use. You’re going to see less foam, and high yields as well.

Some might assume that a manual juicer is more difficult to operate, but that is simply not the case with this device. It makes juicing incredibly easy, and much more affordable.​

Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

Handy Pantry is known for their manual wheatgrass juicer because it gives you superb extraction with a solid stainless steel construction. The juicer is easy to operate, while also being easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It only takes moments to assemble and disassemble the device, and it’s easy to mount it on your countertop.

Lightweight and portable, the juicer will fit on countertops up to 2 1/4” thick, and it’s great for your RV or for taking on the go while you travel.

The device will juice approximately 1 oz. of juice per minute, and it’s backed by a 5-year warranty, with a 30-day money back guarantee. You’re going to see that of all the wheatgrass juicers on the market, this one is seriously built to last.​

Chef's Star Manual Hand Crank Single Auger Juicer with Suction Base

With a strong suction base and numerous detachable parts, this juicer from Chef’s Star is a wonderful choice if you’re someone who loves wheatgrass juice in the morning.

It separates juice from pulp in one easy step, and thanks to its intricate design, you get the maximum amount of juice. It’s possible to use this juicer anywhere, because it’s so portable, and it’s extremely easy to operate and clean.

Customers rave that this juicer makes juicing fun again, and there’s something satisfying about manually juicing, instead of just pressing a button. When you’re involved in the juicing process, then you feel a part of it, and there’s something to be said for that level of connection.​

Handy Pantry Tornado Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer - Manual Wheatgrass Juice Extractor

Another marvel from Handy Pantry, this juice extractor is called the Tornado, and it’s made from the highest quality stainless steel.

This is a manual wheatgrass juice extractor, and the hygienic materials that it is made from ensure a lifetime of use. You get a stainless steel screen plus hopper and plunger so that you can easily juice both fruits and vegetables. There’s also a pressure control knob and stainless auger to exert pressure and squeeze juice from the grass. It’s quick and easy to assemble and disassemble this device, and that is why it’s so easy to clean.

Any product from Handy Pantry makes a great gift, and this juicer is no exception.​

Masticating juicers for wheatgrass​

Omega Nutrition Center Juicer​

This wheatgrass juicer is not only easy to use, but it is a seriously powerful masticator that can juice all kinds of things. The low speed of 80 RPM power leads to no foaming, clogging, or heat build-up with 110 volts. That means that you're getting a high juice yield, and auto pulp-ejection function for continuous juicing.

There's also a dual-stage juicing system, quiet operation, and UL and cUL certification. The juicer measures 14-1/2 by 6-1/2 by 15-1/2 inches, and it’s backed by a 15-year warranty. The screen is already installed in the juicer.

All in all, customers love this device thanks to the ease of handling and no-frills design.​

Breville Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

This juice extractor from Breville is one of the top-rated juicers because it provides an extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute which can create 8 oz of juice in just 5 seconds.

The 850-watt dual-speed motor, combined with powerful stainless steel cutting disc, give you fast and consistent results. Also, there is a safety locking arm, overload protection LED, and large capacity pulp collector.

A number of parts of this juicer are dishwasher safe, which make it easy to clean, and it includes a 1 liter juice jug with froth separator.

Backed by a 1-year warranty, you’re going to love how easy it is to make wheatgrass using this device, and the results are not only delicious, but they’re also nutritious.​

Breville Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor

​This juice extractor from Breville features a heavy-duty compact juice fountain with centered knife blade assembly. The 700-watt motor operates at 14,000 RPM for maximum extraction, and the extra-large 3-inch centered feed tube and stainless steel micro-mesh filter make the juicer very easy to use and clean.

The dishwasher safe parts add to the ease of use, as well as the custom cleaning brush that comes included.

Backed by a 1-year warranty, you’re going to see that the device is durable and also elegant. This juice extractor is going to be on your kitchen countertop for years to come.

Omega Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

The masticating juicer from Omega is a top pick among customers, thanks to its powerful single-gear commercial motor and sophisticated white design.

The device allows for dual-stage juicing and a low speed of only 80 RPMs, so you don’t have to deal with foaming, clogging, and heat build-up. You’re going to get a tremendously high yield with very little pulp, and the auto pulp ejection process allows for continuous operation.

This juicer is not only easy to assemble, but it’s also easy to operate and clean. UL approved, it's sound in terms of construction but it also runs quietly, so that you won’t wake up everyone in the house when you make your wheatgrass in the morning. 

Well, there you have it. You can now consider yourself fully informed to go an pick our a new juicer, now that you're well-versed on the best juicer for wheatgrass.

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